Ottawa Belly Casts

What Satisfied Clients Have To Say…….

“My belly cast will always be the most precious memory of my sweet baby growing inside. Thank you so much, Julie, for doing what you do. I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet you and to have my belly casted by you. I am forever in love with my experience with you in my home, sculpting my precious Carley inside of me.  You made me feel so beautiful!  I love to look at my belly cast and remember how she moved inside.  I am especially proud to show it off to visitors. Most of them are in extreme awe of how sentimental it is and never knew belly casting existed.” ~ Andrea F. 

“Now that my belly is ‘gone’, I’m really glad I have the cast to remember it by.”~ Helen

“Having my belly cast done was a relaxing and memorable experience. I remember how Julie put me at ease. I had taken many pictures of my growing belly with my first pregnancy, but hadn’t done that with my second. The belly cast was a special way of connecting with my unborn baby and creating a lasting memory of his first home.” ~Michelle G.

“Now that I am done having babies, I look back on my pregnancies with such intensely wonderful emotion.           The belly cast that Julie created for me of my daughter’s pregnancy is a beautiful tribute to the experience of budding motherhood. I am SO glad that I had it done.” ~Andrea W.

“I am so glad I decided to have a cast done.  The process was a lot of fun, and my husband and I treasure the resulting piece of art that is a permanent reminder of our daughter’s first “home.”  I think a cast is a wonderful souvenir of pregnancy. It’s something I will always treasure.”~ Cara T.

“My cast is a wonderful reminder of how beautiful my pregnant body was.  I have it hung in my son’s room, still with the lovely bow that Julie delivered it to me with! My casting experience was fun and exciting.  Given the nature of what you are doing – Julie is very discrete and calming in what could be a very uncomfortable situation.  Given the choice to do it all over again – I would in a heart beat!” ~ Jennifer Y.

“I look at my belly cast every day.  I consider your work art. I am so happy you made my belly cast…pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life.  Your belly casts are the nicest I’ve seen!” ~Nathalie

“We are currently about 10 weeks into our second pregnancy. I will most certainly be in contact for a second cast. I still love the first one so much. I finally painted it!” ~ Maureen S.

“A celebration of creation is really what I felt as Julie skillfully created my belly cast. With each layer, a little piece of my pregnancy and all its memories was taking shape and giving birth to a perfect and timeless souvenir of this special time in my life. The session was respectful, empowering, funny, and gave me a true sense of how beautiful and life-full my body truly was. It was an important step in preparing for the imminent arrival of baby, and with Julie as a guide, it was the most special way to embrace all that I was.”
~ Emmanuelle G.

“It is inspiring to reflect on the transformation of the human female body as she carries life forth into the universe. The height and breadth of my pregnancy, of womanhood, is captured evermore in my belly cast, and for this I am thankful.”
~ Jacqueline L.

She came to my house one lovely February morning two years ago and worked her magic on my belly. I am so thankful I was able to have the experience as part of my pregnancy/birthing journey with her. Julie’s approach was professional, fun and the belly cast is a wonderful testament to the woman I was while pregnant with my daughter. While I have yet to decorate my piece it resides in my daughter’s room waiting for the right time for paint and adornment. It seems perfect as it is for now, but hopefully will take on a new life as Gabby and I decorate it in the future.”  ~Kayren M. 

“I loved my belly cast session………it was such an empowering experience.  I found myself feeling proud about this expression of my belly babe and me.  It reaffirmed so much about me, my process so far and my incredible willingness to bring forth life (and for the second time!).  Now when I look at my cast, I think, “This is about my power, my process, my growth.”
~ Christine K.

“Thank-you Julie, for inviting me into your home, for casting my belly with such care and for delivering the most beautiful cast. It is more than an art piece. It has become an irreplaceable piece of my family’s history. I will forever be grateful for the experience.”  ~Sylvie

“My belly cast is proudly displayed in our living room, almost glowing in the sunshine that drifts through the window, with the splash of the bright bow across it. Every time I look at it, it never fails to remind me of how much I enjoyed my pregnancy, and what a gift my child is. I’m amazed by how quickly and quietly the memories of what it was like to be pregnant have slipped away, since my little boy left his cozy home to meet the outside world…I’m so glad I had the belly cast done, as a tangible reminder of a life-changing event that holds so many positive memories! For the time being, I think I will keep the cast just as it is, beautiful and natural…just as my pregnant body was. Thank you, Julie…it was a wonderful experience to have along the way!”