Ottawa Belly Casts


The casting session takes place at Julie’s home studio which is located an hour west of Ottawa in Cobden.  The majority of Julie’s clients travel from Ottawa but some travel from as far away as Montreal and Toronto.

Once her client arrives at the studio, she will view a photo album of various casts to determine what cast appeals to her most. Once everything is ready, she will disrobe (except for her underwear!) and Julie will demonstrate how much Vaseline needs to be applied. Once greased up, she will sit or stand and the casting process will begin.

It will take anywhere from 25-50 minutes to create the initial cast depending on what cast has been chosen. The casting material dries as Julie works so there isn’t a drying period before the cast is removed. Julie will help her client to “wiggle” out of the cast once she feels it is sturdy enough. Afterwards, she can shower right away to remove the bits of plaster and casting water from her skin. In the meantime, Julie will continue to work on the cast. Photos/videos of the casting session are welcomed if this is something that interests her client.

After the session, Julie will spend several hours ‘finishing’ the cast to prepare it for hanging or for decorating. The cast will be returned to the owner within a month of the initial session.