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Cialis for Women: Surprising Truths and Common Myths

There’s this huge myth regarding sexual dysfunctions. People seem to think that these only affect men, but that’s just not true. There’s FSD – female sexual dysfunction and it’s very, very real. It might even be a serious cause for concern, because the cause of that issue might be quite severe.

The Causes

Popular causes of FSD include: psychological issues, orgasmic disorder, arousal disorder, diabetes, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, anxiety, dyspareunia, heart problems, and vaginismus. Of course, there are many other (more serious) condition that can cause FSD, but we’re focusing on the most popular ones for now.

The Treatments

There are some amazing treatment options for women with sex-related issues. Obviously, the treatment should (and will) be specific to the diagnosis, as well as underlying physical and psychological issues that a woman might suffer. There are many non-medicine related solutions out there. That’s just common sense: lifestyle changes, quitting smoking/drinking/doing drugs, working out, counseling, lubricants and so forth. When it comes to medicine treatment, recent numbers and studies from suggest that Cialis for women might be the most effective solution.

The Myths

Of course, the study is also quick to point out several myths related to Cialis and women. There’s this weird and untrue idea that there’s a separate female-only version of Cialis. Another prevalent myth is that there’s not enough data to actually make out whether Cialis is good for treating FSD. You can head down to various sites yourself and see the numbers and studies.

The Truths

Granted, the myth about Cialis’ ineffectiveness comes from the lack of understanding. Here’s a brief rundown of how it actually works – it utilizes PDE5-inhibitors to increase the blood flow to penis (in men) AND to clitoral and vaginal tissues (in women). People seem to think it only works on males, but that is not true. You will find a more thorough version of this study online, so spend a moment to educate yourself.

The conclusion is simple: women need an adequate treatment for their sexual issues, as well. It’s not as prevalent, but it still requires careful examination and utmost attention. Don’t be afraid to go to the doctor’s and don’t believe some “myths” that don’t have any factual basis behind them.