Ottawa Belly Casts


To Have and To Hold

~ This is one of Julie’s personal favourites. It was a challenge to create and it turned out exceptionally well. It is a cast that is beautiful on its own without embellishments.

Swollen With Pride

~ Another cast that is lovely left as it is. One might choose to paint  a cast with a subtle, pearly shade of taupe, pink or cream that will make the cast warmer as opposed to leaving it completely white. It is a personal choice. Some people simply hang the cast with just a ribbon tied around it.


Artist: Julie Keon

Medium: Acrylic paint


Artist: Julie Keon

Medium: Acrylic paint


Artist: Julie Keon

Medium: Acrylic paint


Artist: Julie Keon

Medium: Acrylic paint

No Place Like Home

Artist: Julie Keon

Medium: Acrylic paint


Artist: Julie Keon

Medium: Acrylic paint


~ This cast was created for Peek-a-Boo Baby Planners of Ottawa to be displayed in their showroom. Their logo appears on the belly. Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint and seed beads.

Untitled #1

~This cast is made to look as though it were dipped in liquid copper. This finish can be achieved in gold or bronze as well. Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint.

Due in Spring

~ Tulips adorn this cast to symbolize a May birth. Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Tissue paper and beads

Tree Of Life

~  The “Tree of Life” is a universal motif, found in every ancient culture – a symbol of the uniting of heaven and earth, spiritual nourishment, and even enlightenment. Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint and material

Autumn Arrival

~ Julie created this fall mosaic to honour an October birth. Design and beadwork by Julie Keon. Medium: Beads and acrylic paint

Start Life With a Midwife

~ This cast was donated as a silent auction prize for the 2006 Canadian Midwifery Association’s conference in Ottawa. The circle is a symbol of community, continuity and feminine power and the hands represent those of the midwife. This cast resides in Hamilton, Ontario.
Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint


~The annual Chicks’mas Bash raises money for Harmony House Women’s Shelter in Ottawa. Julie designed this fun and festive cast to be displayed along with her donation of a casting session. Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint and glitter

Celtic Knot

~ It took 10 hours to complete the intricate Tree of Life knot work on this cast. Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint and silver cord.

Heart and Soul

~ Real butterfly wings adorn this cast. The butterfly is the Celtic symbol for “Mother” as well as a symbol for the soul. It is landing on the mother’s heart. There were no butterflies harmed in the making of this cast. Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint and butterfly wings


~ This cast is swathed in sheer fabric representing the mystery of childbirth and life with a new baby. Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint and material.

The Gift

~ Julie casted this mother-to-be twice. One cast was for her to keep and the other was for the parents of the twins she carried inside. The poem on the cast is about surrogacy and the gift that surrogate mothers give to families. Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint,
paper and material.


~ The owner of this cast wanted the image of a female teddy bear on her cast. As well, she wanted the ultrasound image of her baby incorporated onto the cast. The heart-shaped ultrasound is seen next to the bear with the name and birth date of the baby.
Artist: Daphne Barron Medium: Acrylic paint

Peace on Earth Begins at Birth

~ “If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness replace fear and hatred, we must begin with how we treat each other at the beginning of life. For that is where our deepest patterns are set. From these roots grow fear and alienation or love and
trust.” Suzanne Arms
Artist: Julie Keon Medium: Acrylic paint and beads

Birth of a Family

~ When a cast is done for a second pregnancy but not the first, this decorating technique  includes all members of the family. One cast can symbolize all of the pregnancies that a mother experiences. Artist: Michelle Gay and family Medium: Acrylic paint.

Fairy Land

~ This cast was decorated for a woman who knew she was carrying a baby girl. She wanted something that demonstrated her passion for dance. She also asked that the cast not be too feminine.  The décor on this cast was designed and implemented by Stephanie Keon-Pinkerton. Medium: tissue paper

Teddy Bear

~ If a cast is going to be hung in a nursery, it can be painted to match the wallpaper or colour theme of the room. This bear is a replica of the bears that adorned the border of this baby boy’s room. Stephanie Keon-Pinkerton painted this cast. Medium: acrylic paint

Welcome Song

~ This cast demonstrates the variety of things that can be done to personalize your own cast. A mother can write the words of a song, a favourite poem or the words of a letter she has written to her unborn baby. Another cast decorated by artist Stephanie Keon-Pinkerton. Medium: tissue paper, acrylic paint, silver ink

Birth Chatter

~ The inspiration for this cast came from Julie’s experience as a birth professional (Certified Doula and Certified Breastfeeding Counsellor). A collage of words and pictures describing conception, pregnancy, labour and birth, breastfeeding and family make this cast a unique conversation piece. Created by Julie Keon.
Medium: magazine words and pictures

Womb With a View

~ Julie spent twelve hours decorating this cast which was one of several samples used in the Baby Boom Show of 2002. If you look closely, you will see the unborn baby floating in her home of salt water and darkness.  Medium: coloured beach glass and caulking


~ For those who fear a cast that might be too folky or funky, this cast is classy and elegant. Created by Stephanie Keon-Pinkerton.

Medium: acrylic paint, material and antique broach


~ The owner of this cast requested a simple painting which would incorporate her love of gardening and the outdoors. Stephanie Keon-Pinkerton painted the cast pale yellow to symbolize the sunshine and then created a small patch of flowers on the belly to symbolize the blooming ‘flower’ within. Medium: acrylic paint


~ A new baby is a symbol of our past and future, of the joining of two families and of our roots and heritage. A cast can be decorated to express one’s lineage. A family tree can be created on the cast using photos that have been laser printed onto paper. Designed by Julie Keon. Medium: paper and acrylic paint


~ This cast was a reflection of the growth that the mother experienced when she gave birth to her second child. Her first child’s birth was a traumatic experience and so this cast was a symbol of her bravery, courage and faith of going through it all again knowing that it contained tremendous potential for healing. The symbols mean “strength.” Painted by Stephanie Keon-Pinkerton.
Medium: acrylic paint

Ocean Child

~ An ultrasound picture of your unborn child can easily be enlarged and copied to paper and then used in the decorating of your belly cast. Created by Julie Keon. Medium: photo on paper, acrylic paint, glitter

Daisy Chain

~ The mom who owned this cast loved daisies and gave artistic freedom to Stephanie Keon-Pinkerton who came up with this design. This cast was hidden away for many months and then given to the father for Christmas. Medium: acrylic paint