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Spermatogenesis in Men and Ways to Improve It

Any man who dreams to become a father should know that the quality of sperm, participating in the process of conception, depends on complex physiological cycle – spermatogenesis. The next stages in the process of spermatogenesis are appearance, formation and maturation of spermatozoa (male sex cells).

Features of Spermatogenesis

The ability of a man or a woman to give birth depends on gametogenesis. Gametogenesis is a process that ensures the development, maturation of sex cells in the body. It occurs in sex glands (testicles and ovaries), resulting in formation of sex cells in the body: spermatozoa (male), ovules (female).

These processes have a certain similarity only in the first three stages: reproduction, growth and maturation. Spermatogenesis has a biological feature as there are much more spermatozoa formed comparing to the number of egg cells.

General Characteristics of Spermatogenesis

Complete spermatogenesis is a sequence of four cycles, during which (72-75 days) primary cells are divided under the influence of hormones. Spermatogenesis consists of several stages of meiosis (cell division), as a result of which spermatozoa are formed.

Risk Factors for Healthy Spermatogenesis

Since all stages of spermatogenesis occur simultaneously, spermatozoa are present in the body during all the time. And at any stage they may be threatened by negative factors. The sperm can lose its quality not immediately after an impact, but also in months. Such factors are:

  • Colds;
  • Chronic diseases with a rise of temperature;
  • Bad temperature regime (it is required for normal development of spermatozoa);
  • Environmental pollution;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Smoking;
  • Drinking alcohol;
  • Intake of some medicines.

The temperature regime is very important for normal spermatogenesis. The optimal temperature for maturation of spermatozoa is +35 °C. And if a man has a heated seat in the car, likes sauna and wears tight underwear, he exposes his reproductive system to overheating and worsens spermatogenesis.

How to Improve Spermatogenesis

Regardless of the results of his spermogram, every man needs to take care of his male health and follow simple recommendations. First of all, remove or restrict the following:

  • Visiting a sauna which greatly increases body temperature;
  • Wearing tight underwear, which disrupts heat regulation in the testicles in particular and normal blood circulation in general;
  • Reception of steroids, antibiotics, antihistamines;
  • Stressful situations;
  • It is recommended to stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

You can take zinc, E and L-carnitine and regularly engage in sports, physical education and sexual activity. If you have problems with potency, it is recommended to use some medications for ED, like Tadalafil. It is also necessary to monitor your diet, which should include products that improve the quality of sperm: vegetables, proteins, beans, fresh juices, bread, nuts, yeast.

Follow the recommendations for three months, as spermatogenesis lasts 72 days, during which a man himself is responsible for creating appropriate conditions for the development of spermatozoa.