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Low Testosterone: What You Should Know About It

Although decrease in testosterone levels with age is normal for men, a low level of this hormone can affect your health. Rapid increase in testosterone levels during puberty is the cause of increased muscle, decreased voice and accelerated sexual development. Throughout life, testosterone supports the masculine characteristics of the body.

Usually T levels begins to decline by age 40, but this decrease is relatively insignificant. Many male patients after 35 noticed that the level of testosterone has declined – and only a few of them had significant reduction of testosterone in the blood.

Is It a Normal Aging Process or a Medical Problem?

Physicians are convinced that if a man does not feel any symptoms, there is no need to take a test for testosterone. There is no evidence that treating low testosterone with the absence of symptoms gives an effect. If the symptoms are manifested, then the treatment will definitely have a result.

What Is Low Testosterone?

Here are the most common side effects related to low testosterone levels:

  • Decreased sexual desire;
  • Problems with erection;
  • Mood changes;
  • Restless sleep.

So what to do? Modern medical considerations on this topic say the following: you can use artificial testosterone. Patients can have daily gel applications, plates that are attached to the surface of the skin, tablets or injections. General recommendations in such cases state that you have to raise the level of testosterone to the normal level, and that’s all.

Effect of Low Testosterone on Health

Low levels of this male hormone are associated with some chronic diseases:

  • Obesity;
  • Diabetes;
  • Depression;
  • Cardiovascular diseases.

However, it is not proved that a low T levels cause such diseases. Testosterone is a part of the bones, so its deficiency can lead to deterioration in their structure, which is called osteoporosis. If a man has hip fracture, then, most likely, he has low levels of testosterone. But still, there is no evidence that increase in testosterone levels reduces the risk of fractures. But still most doctors associate low bone density with lack of testosterone.

To Treat or Not to Treat?

According to doctors, about 10% of men who undergo treatment with artificial testosterone do not get the desired effect. In this case it can be recommended to use some medication for erectile dysfunction treatment like Generisk Cialis. Approximately 90% of patients see the so much needed improvement, while 10% of them are very happy. According to the medical research, most men with low testosterone levels have improved their sex life and got rid of erectile problems after treatment.

In accordance with the clinical guidelines of the US Endocrinology Association, some male patients should not take testosterone supplements. Patients who have prostate cancer are definitely not recommended to get such a treatment, because this hormone can increase the number of cancer cells. Other diseases might be worsened because of such treatment, for example, apnea, severe benign prostatic hypertrophy, congestive heart failure or excessive amounts of red blood cells (erythrocytosis).